Rich - Head Coach/Program Director

There are a few things that set us apart from the rest of the crowd in the BOW Valley. The first would be our experience and high-level coaches. Our program director and coaching staff have, combined, over 25 years of experience in the snowboard industry.

Born and raised in Fernie, our head coach and program director has spent the past 13 years in the Bow Valley teaching, coaching and pushing others to achieve their snowboarding goals. Rich’s endless energy, passion, and lengthy experience in the snowboard industry truly set him apart as a coach in the Bow Valley.

Growing up in a mountain town, skiing and snowboarding was always a part of Rich’s life and he spent 4 years as a sponsored rider and product tester, competing throughout Canada and the world. Rich’s passion for snowboarding continued as a Canada Snowboard Coach, Camp of Champions Coach, resort session leader, CASI Level 1 & 2 evaluator and more.

Having experience in so many facets of the industry gives Rich the opportunity to pass invaluable industry knowledge on to you on a daily basis; helping you to reach your industry goals faster.

Rob - Coach (UK)

Rob has been an integral part of founding and creating The Freestyle Farm!

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