The Freestyle Farm is the only snowboard club of its kind in Canmore and Banff and we pack the most on-snow snowboard training along with dry-land training to offer our athletes a complete and competitive snowboarding program. Our dry-land training sessions include trampoline training to develop aerial awareness and snowboard specific maneuvers, technical jib training as well as stretches and key movement development. 

Below you can take a look at our Snowboard Dry Land training session to give you an idea of what we  do. We have high-level coaches working at all times with our athletes to ensure everything is done safely and each athlete is learning and growing continuously.

Our dry land sessions are perfect for all ages and levels of athletes and we tailor each session according to the athlete's needs, including everything from quarks to double flips, or simple jib training.


The Freestyle Farm 2016/2017 Season

Take a look at some of our riders from the 2016/2017 season and get a glimpse into The Freestyle Farm.

Check-out Freestyle Farm Grom Maddox - 9 Years Old

Edits are dropping from our Freestyle Farm riders and here's one of our groms from the 2016/2017 snowboard season.

Freestyle Farm Rider Jack Ricard Edit 2016/2017

Don't miss another amazing snowboard edit from The Freestyle Farm rider Jack Rickard.

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Join The Freestyle Farm and ride with world-class coaches and take your snowboarding to the next level.

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