Ken Achenbach needs no introduction. Recognized as one of the founding fathers of snowboarding and the man behind Camp of Champions, Achenbach also runs Powder Mountain Cat Skiing, opened the world's first dedicated snowboard shop, rode for Barfoot in the '80s (he helped design the first twin tip snowboard) and was also a key contributor to International Snowboard Magazie (ISM), the world's first snowboard mag.

An entrepreneur who's never lost his passion for the freedom of snowboarding, Achenbach will be telling his story of growing up a skateboarder and BMXer, and how it shaped his life (and consequently the lives of countless snowboarders who have gone on to the world stage) at this year's MULTIPLICITY at the World Ski & Snowboard Fest.

Welcome to MULTIPLICITY. Give us a hint of what you'll be talking about?
How growing up a skateboarder fosters creativity and makes you not believe in other people's bullshit so you can live the life you want, and create things without being scared of committing or people thinking you're crazy. Learning a Frontside Ollie over the channel on vert, hooking up your back truck five times in a row, slamming on the flat bottom is commitment. Committing to a business or a relationship just doesn't seem all that big a deal compared to that. But hey, what do I know? I'm the guy who's single, having been married twice.

"When you're hated, you can do anything because they already hate you any way."

"Basically, if you're having fun, you're doing it right. That's why snowboarding took off so hard. It was fun and there was no one wiping the smile off your face by telling you you're doing it wrong."



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