If you've been apart of The Freestyle Farm for anytime, you know we love Snowboard Addiction's dry land training products and they always put out great videos. Be sure to check-out their video on learning advanced jib tricks below, we follow the same progression in all of our training to keep our riders healthy and safe but still moving forward.

If you want more help upping your jib game be sure to get in touch with The Freestyle Farm, our free ride program can help take your riding to the next level and allows you to ride as much or as little as you want.

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The Freestyle Farm 2016/2017 Season

Take a look at some of our riders from the 2016/2017 season and get a glimpse into The Freestyle Farm.

Check-out Freestyle Farm Grom Maddox - 9 Years Old

Edits are dropping from our Freestyle Farm riders and here's one of our groms from the 2016/2017 snowboard season.

Freestyle Farm Rider Jack Ricard Edit 2016/2017

Don't miss another amazing snowboard edit from The Freestyle Farm rider Jack Rickard.

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